Monday, February 23, 2009


Danalex® Graphics and Call Center is a multi-service company based in Las Vegas and in the Philippines. We provide the most effective communication and graphic design tools to help our clients get the necessary support for a successful business while maintaining their corporate identity out of a reasonable price, at the same time, experience a guaranteed total satisfaction from our services.
We provide Graphic Design, Web Design and Development and Telemarketing Services.

Company Profile
Danalex Graphic Arts, the premier web design studio based in Baguio City Philippines with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada. We offer world class creative solutions in web design, graphic design, and professional marketing consultation – with an emphasis on corporate identity development. We create spectacular solutions in the visual medium at very reasonable costs. We provide creative solutions that enhance the virtual experience of our client’s customers that lead to increased revenue, and ultimately higher profits. We design based on the best web design practices including interactive Flash websites, standard compliant XHTML websites, dynamic database-driven ecommerce websites, web application and web services.
Danalex Call Center, positioned to integrate into a unified marketing campaign for our clients. Our focus is to increase the revenue and profitability of our clients by providing essential business process(s) such as; Inbound Customer Service, Live Web Chat, Direct Response Marketing, Conference Registration, Appointment Scheduling, 24-Hr Help Desk, Outbound Telesales. With Danalex Call Center (outsourced services), your company will experience higher conversion rates, increased sales, and more satisfied customers, ultimately leading to more repeat business and very loyal customers. Our world class call center will help you drive your company’s sales into the stratosphere and get the most out every penny of your company’s marketing budget.

Our vision is to be a preferred and excellent graphic arts and call center company that leaves a trademark to the clients helping them to become high performers in the business world,providing much more than technology and manpower at the same time being appreciated by their customers that they constantly evolved in the business.

Our mission is to address that we are a fully dedicated company that provides excellent customer service with highly trained and skilled telemarketers that serves as a link between our clients and their customers at the same time create and produce the finest quality first class 3D graphic presentations,designs and concepts, utilizing state of the art technologies that does not only cater to an exclusive few but anyone who wants get the best deal out of a reasonable price. We can guarantee that our simple yet highly effective approach to your company demands will satisfy your every business requirement.
Corporate Identity
The Danalex Logo that represents the company is specially and artistically designed by one of their graphic artists. The name Danalex was derived from the names of the owners grandchildren, who have been considered inspiration to him. "Dan" was taken from his grandchilds name, Danielle while "Alex", from Alexei.The silhouettes of a man and a woman in the logo represent young professionals. It is believed that young minds have a lot of creative ideas to share that gives great contribution in making every project a success.The image of a globe at the center of the first letter shows that the services of Danalex are not limited to certain areas or localities but are intended to be offered worldwide. The company offers excellent and globally competitive services when it comes to graphic arts, web development and telemarketing. Their main services are found underneath the logo. These services are also the companys areas of expertise, proven and tested to bring satisfaction to every client that walks in.




BaguioBiz is an online business directory with advertisement providing clients a more convenient way to search what they are looking for in a brisk. BaguioBiz offers immediate online access and serves a range of business needs. We have over 500 and counting of business listings and addresses mainly in Baguio City giving you a wide range of selection to choose from, using an up-to-date data, search engines, news, and information.

Our goal is to be able to serve the business community’s needs, to provide a complete resource with everything you need to know about Baguio City; where to stay, where to dine, services offered by companies, business establishments and places to see and the latest events in the city of pines, an easy-to-use, all-in-one listings for businesses.

Wouldn’t it be great if customers not only here in Baguio City but in all other places of the Philippines and worldwide came looking for you, instead of the other way around?
Thanks to the internet, it’s happening more than ever. Trouble is, many businesses large and small are still figuring out how to position themselves and don’t always have the time or technical know-how to create a successful web Ad presence. So here at BaguioBiz, we create a web Ad online for our clients and give the exposure it deserves for a low yearly fee.

We do it all for you, from creating your web Ad to broadcasting. Getting local and national exposure through the internet. We provide the most effective communication and graphic design tools to help our clients get the necessary support for a successful business while maintaining their corporate identity out of a reasonable price, at the same time experience a guaranteed total satisfaction from our service.

Our web advertising services are designed to give your site and effective web presence. The experts here at BaguioBiz work on all plans to create the perfect Ad for companies of every size. Our web Ad pros are unique in the industry, a rigorously trained team of site architects, interface designers focused on the unique needs of a business customer like you. Combined with our reliable customer service, it’s a great deal that’s hard to pass up.

BaguioBiz would be delighted to help you advertise your products and services online at a reasonable price. It’s an affordable, low-costing web Advertising solution that’s worth checking out.